Investor center

We are currently looking for grants and co-investments to accelerate the development of our technology. For details about our pitch deck, how to invest, and more information about our company please contact us by email or through LinkedIn.


We currently have two software prototypes that will naturally lead to our next commercial product (see path to market). These prototypes illustrate the power and performance of the technology in solving difficult problems. Demonstrations will only be in person and more elaborate demonstrations may require an NDA.

Business plan

Our business plan prioritizes a milestone where we can maximally self-finance our venture. We also believe that to unlock the full value of our technology we must advance the technology to its most capable form (AI training with limited resources). We therefore have created a four stage development plan which provides a pragmatic and focused approach to commercialization and R&D.

Pitch deck

A limited version of out pitch will be available on this website soon.