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The John von Neumann Student Fellowship

Location: Anywhere on the globe

Who was John von Neumann?

Imagine the mind of the person who laid the modern groundwork of mathematics on sound axioms, gave quantum mechanics its first solid mathematical framework, designed the computer processor architecture we use today, founded game theory, advanced functional analysis and system dynamics, and helped create early concepts of AI. Most colorfully, this same person also frequently annoyed Albert Einstein, who worked a few offices down, by playing loud music at work.

John von Neumann's legacy isn't just his extraordinary intellect; it's his daring to apply abstract concepts across various fields. John Von Neumann embodies the problem-solving ideal we aspire to in our work, blending deep theoretical knowledge with the ability to identify overarching patterns in nature and principles that drive technological innovation.

The fellowship

The student fellowship is a program run by our directors in the spirit of John Von Neumann's approach. We offer you the opportunity to be involved in research programs that blend the abstract and the natural. You will also receive personalized  career mentorship, and much more.

If you can demonstrate an exceptional ability in mathematics, computer science, or physics, you can express your interest to apply for the program. There is no physical requirement to be in the UK, so you can apply from anywhere in the world.

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