We are actively growing our talent pool (see working with us). Moreover, the company has the benefit of receiving mentorship from the Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge through their start-up accelerator program, and an advisory council who are highly accomplished in related fields.


Dr Pouya Baniasadi

Mathematician and Neuroscientist


Dr Ilaria Chiaradia



Pouya embodies a interdisciplinary approach as both a scientist and engineer, driven by the philosophy of learning diverse tools across disciplines to tackle complex challenges. He is an alumni of the prestigious Computational and Biological Learning laboratory at Cambridge University and he has industry experience developing commercial software as part of an Artificial Intelligence team based in Cambridge. He is a recipient of one of the most competitive student awards in applied mathematics (AF Pillow Applied Mathematics Scholarship) awarded annually to a single PhD student in Australia by the Australian Mathematical Society. His publications include a book on pure mathematics (his undergraduate thesis), and publications in the top tier journals in the fields of Theoretical Computer Science and Modeling and Simulation. Recently he became a Polaris Fellow, a fellowship run by Entrepreneur First, which is backed by the founders of Linkedin, Stripe and Deepmind.

Ilaria is a neuroscientist with a strong interest in developmental biology. She is involved with research that is aimed answering the question of what makes human brain so special compared to other species. Her remarkable publication history includes multiple contributions to renowned journals like Nature and Nature Neuroscience. Her board presence provides a crucial feedback loop, enriching our company's R&D.