Path to Market

The foundation of our computing technology is not limited to a narrow set of applications, allowing multiple possible paths to distinct markets in analytics and optimization software. However, our business strategy is to narrowly focus on specific markets where we can readily demonstrate a significant competitive advantage to the existing tools.

Resolving computational hurdles

It is incredibly important to understand that our computing technology improves early processes (upstream) in the computing value chain. This enabless us to create platforms based on our brain-inspired technology (upstream), which can then be used by developers to create efficient user focused products (downstream). This differentiates us from other approaches, where less efficient off-the-shelf approaches are utilized but their performance is insufficient for certain tasks. 

Our added value is therefore for improving processes where computational resources or computational complexity is a hurdle. Since our technology is in its infancy, the scope of its applications is limited by the infrastructure which we have already built. However over time, this scope will expand. 

Initial Product Scope

Our prototypes have shown significant outperformance in both quality and computational efficiency for a broad spectrum of combinatorial optimization challenges*, particularly in enhancing supply chain operations. Our first commercial product will target both logistics and academic sectors. This product will be analegous to NPSOL, a widely recognized tool for non-linear optimization. Our software will be distinguished through significant higher performance on combinatorial optimization problems.

To maximize the potential of our technology, we have devised a strategic 4-stage development plan that starts with narrow applications for our analytics software, but progressively broadens the scope. This will ensure that we will be able to maximally self-finance our R&D.

* Traveling Salesman Problem and its variations